We have started the planning for our annual Fire Prevention & Public Safety Expo!

This year’s date is Sunday, October 9th!! 
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April 10, 2016

12987096_975573812490903_9126835526071019031_nShared from Rob Amadio: “One from the family scrapbook; Joseph Kline, Louis Amadio, Stanley Zober, Robert Wiese, Randolph Phillips & William Chance. – Third District Volunteer Fire Company Charter signers at Delhaas High Schhol 1955.”


The Article Reads:

Third District Fire Unit Signs Charter Petition

A petition for a charter for the Third District Fire Company, Bristol Township will be presented to the county courts shortly.

The group, which has been meeting for the past couple of months signed the petition at its meeting that [was held] in Delhaas High School. If chartered it would be the fifth fire company in the township and serve the Bath Road section of the municipality.

The Township Board of Commissioners has tentatively approved the group’s request for a charter, but the final approval must come from the courts.

The commissioners recently created five fire districts in the township following the controversy over the new Levittown Number 2 Company. At that time there were only three companies, Newportville, Edgely, and Croydon. Since then the Levittown Company has been chartered.

Louis Amadio was named chairman of the new group and Edwin Martin, treasurer.

A by-laws commit, under Robert Weise, was set up. Serving on the committee, are Joseph Dougherty, Wesley Gruber, Michael Valerie, Stanley Zober, and Amadio.

Amadio also heads the charter and organization committee. Assisting him are Zober, Randolph Phillips, Joseph Klein, Matthew Liszewski, and William Chance.




Training Burn

March 12, 2016

To stay ready and prepared for an emergency, the firefighters of Third District Fire Company participated in a training burn at the Lower Bucks County Public Safety Training Center. Instructors replicated fire conditions and scenarios for the firefighters.


Apartment Fire

February 13, 2016

Tower 14 responded to an apartment fire at the Foxwood Manor apartment complex in Station 77′s local.

Crews arrived on scene with heavy fire showing from the second floor of a two story apartment building. Command requested two additional engines. Crews placed lines in service to the second floor. Fire extended to exposure apartments and through the roof.

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Snow Notice

January 20, 2016

6a01bb08a9454e970d01bb08ace978970dRemoving snow from around hydrants a crucial part of winter fire safety

The winter months and snow predictions are here again. Clearing fire hydrants after heavy snow fall is a helpful task. In the midst of winter snowstorms, buried hydrants cause dangerous delays for fire fighters. Any home or business owners that take responsibility of clearing hydrants on their property greatly assist the fire   department should a fire occur.

Dwelling Fire in Croydon

January 3, 2016

Time: 8:15 PM

County: Bucks
Type:Dwelling Fire
Details: Chief-11 arrived on scene with fire showing from the front of a dwelling. Command ordered exterior operations due condition of the home. The house had a electrical fire early Sunday Morning. Held all hands, no reported injuries.

As reported on Philly Fire News.

Don’t forget our annual Santa Run will be 12/20!








Areas we cover:

Crown Square Apartments / Royal Park Apartments
Green Lane Apartments
Venice Ashby
Laurel Bend
Margo Gardens
Lakeland Estates
Stonebridge Run Apartments
Rockview Drive
West Bristol
Winder Village
Bath Addition

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2015 Santa Run

December 2, 2015

This year’s Santa Run is scheduled for December 20th and starting sometime in the late afternoon.

Santa will be escorted around our area by the firetrucks.

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2016 Line – Up

2016 Line -Up
Chief – Ray Finnell
Deputy – Dave Burns Sr
Battalion – Michael Ferguson Sr
Captain – Andrew Taggart
Captain – Michael Tomlinson
Captain – John Shipp
Lieutenant – David Burns Jr

President – Herb Schoell
Vice President – Deshawn Newkirk
Treasurer – Howard McGoldrick
Financial Secretary- Gene Hathaway
Secretary – Todd DiPopolo

December 1, 2015

Happy Holiday Season!!

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Fire Prevention Event – POSTPONED




Due to the weather we will be postponing our Fire Prevention & Public Safety Expo until October 18th!!!

Same time & Place, we hope to still see you there!

Fundraising Night at TEXAS ROADHOUSE!

Don’t forget to come out this Thursday, September 3, 2015!

We will have copies of the flyer at the door!!

Help us, help you, and enjoy a night out to dinner!